Terms Of Use

The images on this blog are all original pictures taken by me or illustrated by me personally. You may use these free images on your blog posts, online writing or for classroom use.

The images and graphics on this blog are FOR PERSONAL USE ON FAMILY FRIENDLY SITES, BLOG POSTS AND ARTICLES ONLY. No commercial use is allowed. You may crop or resize the image as you prefer.

  1. Please give credit by linking to this blog's main url http://mygraphicsgallery.blogspot.com/.
  2. Each image on this blog will have its own blog post explaining how or when they were created. Please leave a link to your blog post or article on the post where you took the image from. I will be really happy to see how these images have been used creatively by you.
  3. Please share the image on pinterest too if you like it. Thank you.

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