Thursday, 21 May 2015

Image of Lion Dance Head Resting On The Floor

My uncle is the leader of a lion dance troupe so each year for Chinese New Year, we will have at least 2 lion dancers prancing around our house. It is lovely to watch. The kids will get to beat the gong and play with and pet the lions. After the lion dance performance, the troupe members are usually treated to a big lunch by my aunt. They usually stop at my house for lunch before continuing with their numerous performances on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year.

Here is a picture of a lion dance head resting on the floor just before this year's lion dance performance at our house. You can use it in your online writing but do remember to post a linkback to this page so I can see how you've used it.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Image Of Blushing Chinese Bride Doll

The image I'm sharing on this free pictures blog today is of a blushing Chinese bride doll. We have quite a few of these couple dolls around. This Chinese blushing bride is one of a pair with her equally traditionally attired Chinese groom.  However, I prefer the look of the bride. That's why I'm posting up just the bride image.

Feel free to use this Chinese blushing bride doll image in your blog posts but remember to link back to this blog. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Looking Up At Tree Picture

Recently, we went for a drive after dinner. I looked up and saw this beautiful view so I took a picture of it. This picture was taken from the sunroof of our car. The picture is exactly how it looked that day. So beautiful without any use of any photo editing software whatsoever.

I have not posted anything blue before so I'm going to classify this picture as blue looking up at tree picture. Can you think of a better way to categorize it?

Feel free to use this picture with a linkback to this blog. ( I think this picture of a tree in the backdrop of an evening sky with droplets of water from a light sprinkle of rain is lovely to be used for anything with a  quote.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pictures Of Lighted Colorful Christmas Trees

Today, I have pictures of lighted Christmas trees to share. This photo was taken at iCity Shah Alam, Malaysia. You can read more about this holiday destination on this hub of mine. i-City Shah Alam, Malaysia. It is quite a lovely sight and the best part is you get to see this all year round, not just during Christmas. However, you can use this picture for your holiday posts. Feel free to crop out the people from the picture but remember to link back to this blog and leave a link to your blog post or online article in the comments. I am sharing this picture with you so I hope you will share with me how you used it.

Colorful Christmas Trees
Colorful Christmas Trees
This is the original picture of the digital lights Christmas trees at iCity, Shah Alam

Beauty Is All Around Us Poster
Beauty Is All Around Us Poster

I created a poster from the original picture. Feel free to grab this poster if you like.

You can also purchase merchandise with colorful Christmas trees image from my cafepress shop including mugs, posters, mouse pads and more.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Close Up Picture Of Red Dwarf Ixora

I started this blog with the intention of posting many of my photos for sharing with online writers. However so far I've only been posting mainly flower pictures. I guess it is because I love taking flowers of pictures. They allow me to immortalize the flowers. Here are some pictures of red dwarf Ixora flowers, close-up as well as further up. I took this while out on a morning walk with my daughter.

Beauty is really all around us if you care to look. These flowers look forlorn and ignored by everyone. People had even thrown rubbish around it. So sad. However, just look at them now. Don't you think they look glorious?

I took these pictures with my iPhone. I find that the iPhone camera works really well for close-up pictures in bright sunlight. I tried taking some photos at night indoors and it turned out horrible. These are nice though. Cyrstal clear and with lovely colors.

Note: Please remember to link  back to if you use any of these pictures. Then leave your own link in the comments so I can hop over to see how you've used it. :)

Close up Picture of red dwarf ixora
 Here is a close up picture of the red dwarf ixora

Red dwarf ixora with leaves and rocky background
My daughter said the flowers look nicer not so close up and with some rocks in the background

red dwarf ixora plant
This is how the red dwarf ixora looks like as a plant

Finally, here is a Facebook Cover Photo Flowers for you to use and share.

Flowers Facebook Cover

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Picture Of A Christmas Tree With Red Poinsettia And Gold Ornaments

I took this picture of a christmas tree with red poinsettia and gold ornaments decorations on it at a shopping mall during Christmas 2011. At the time I was using a phone with a lower resolution so the image is not as clear as I would have liked it to be. However, if you are writing a holiday related article, you can use this image.

Crop this free Christmas free photo in any way you like to bring out the tree but remember to link back to this url then come back here and leave your own url that links back to your article and I will hop over to read it.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Image Of Lone Parachutist

This is a photo I took of a lone parachutist while I was on vacation. Although the picture resolution is not that great because I took it from my hand hone with low resolution camera at the time, however I like the photo a lot because of the exact moment captured, the sunset, the parachutist, everything is perfect.

If you don't mind the low resolution, you can use this image for your online writing. Something with quotes would fit in nicely. I haven't used this picture yet myself in my online writing. Seeing it now again, I think I should do so soon.

Please share your url with me if you use this picture. It would be nice to see your writing and what you think of when you look at this. Kindly link back to the main url of this blog too. Thank you.