Thursday, 21 May 2015

Image of Lion Dance Head Resting On The Floor

My uncle is the leader of a lion dance troupe so each year for Chinese New Year, we will have at least 2 lion dancers prancing around our house. It is lovely to watch. The kids will get to beat the gong and play with and pet the lions. After the lion dance performance, the troupe members are usually treated to a big lunch by my aunt. They usually stop at my house for lunch before continuing with their numerous performances on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year.

Here is a picture of a lion dance head resting on the floor just before this year's lion dance performance at our house. You can use it in your online writing but do remember to post a linkback to this page so I can see how you've used it.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Image Of Blushing Chinese Bride Doll

The image I'm sharing on this free pictures blog today is of a blushing Chinese bride doll. We have quite a few of these couple dolls around. This Chinese blushing bride is one of a pair with her equally traditionally attired Chinese groom.  However, I prefer the look of the bride. That's why I'm posting up just the bride image.

Feel free to use this Chinese blushing bride doll image in your blog posts but remember to link back to this blog. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Looking Up At Tree Picture

Recently, we went for a drive after dinner. I looked up and saw this beautiful view so I took a picture of it. This picture was taken from the sunroof of our car. The picture is exactly how it looked that day. So beautiful without any use of any photo editing software whatsoever.

I have not posted anything blue before so I'm going to classify this picture as blue looking up at tree picture. Can you think of a better way to categorize it?

Feel free to use this picture with a linkback to this blog. ( I think this picture of a tree in the backdrop of an evening sky with droplets of water from a light sprinkle of rain is lovely to be used for anything with a  quote.