Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Image Of Blushing Chinese Bride Doll

The image I'm sharing on this free pictures blog today is of a blushing Chinese bride doll. We have quite a few of these couple dolls around. This Chinese blushing bride is one of a pair with her equally traditionally attired Chinese groom.  However, I prefer the look of the bride. That's why I'm posting up just the bride image.

Feel free to use this Chinese blushing bride doll image in your blog posts but remember to link back to this blog. Enjoy!


  1. How sweet is this image, and how sweet you are for allowing free use of your graphics. Thank you dear friend. I'd love to use this one, but right now I have nothing suitable for it.

    1. It's my pleasure, Nancy. I do enjoy taking photos and I need a place to store them online for my own easy reference. Might as well share them too since I know online writers are always looking out for free images to use.

  2. This is cute. Tq for sharing and allowing to use it . Will link for sure.