Sunday, 16 November 2014

Close Up Picture Of Red Dwarf Ixora

I started this blog with the intention of posting many of my photos for sharing with online writers. However so far I've only been posting mainly flower pictures. I guess it is because I love taking flowers of pictures. They allow me to immortalize the flowers. Here are some pictures of red dwarf Ixora flowers, close-up as well as further up. I took this while out on a morning walk with my daughter.

Beauty is really all around us if you care to look. These flowers look forlorn and ignored by everyone. People had even thrown rubbish around it. So sad. However, just look at them now. Don't you think they look glorious?

I took these pictures with my iPhone. I find that the iPhone camera works really well for close-up pictures in bright sunlight. I tried taking some photos at night indoors and it turned out horrible. These are nice though. Cyrstal clear and with lovely colors.

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Close up Picture of red dwarf ixora
 Here is a close up picture of the red dwarf ixora

Red dwarf ixora with leaves and rocky background
My daughter said the flowers look nicer not so close up and with some rocks in the background

red dwarf ixora plant
This is how the red dwarf ixora looks like as a plant

Finally, here is a Facebook Cover Photo Flowers for you to use and share.

Flowers Facebook Cover

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