Sunday, 2 November 2014

Facebook Cover Image Of Flowers Chrysanthemums

Facebook Cover Image Of Chrysanthemum Flowers
Facebook Cover Image Of Chrysanthemum Flowers

I like to make my own Facebook Cover Images from time to time. I especially like Facebook Cover Images using flowers or quotes theme. This is a Facebook cover image I created some time ago of the bright yellow chrysanthemums that adorned my porch during Chinese New Year. I bought these two pots of chrysanthemums really cheap but they didn't last very long.

I am really glad I took these photos of the chrysanthemums as keepsakes. I resized and created my photo into a Facebook Cover Image of  Chrysanthemum Flowers. You can use these as your Facebook Cover Image if you like or you can crop them to any size for your personal use but remember to link back to this blog.

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